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Kew is an Observatory in the UK established by King George III in 1769 to monitor the transit of Venus. Later chronometer trials were established and recorded. All the famous makers submitted their chronometers for testing and a league table was published yearly, a very competitive affair. The purpose was to establish makers as fit for purpose to supplying marine chronometers to the military ships of the realm. Makers from abroad were welcomed. London time was established here before GMT.

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The Chronometer competitions organized by the Kew Observatory unquestionably were the global standard setters for the highest quality of mechanical portable timekeepers ever built. They can truly be described as 'the World Championship of Horology'. Interestingly many of the highest rated chronometers came from other countries, for a while Swiss chronometer maker Paul Dittisheim dominated the competion.

Other observatories around the world, notably the Observatoire de Neuchatel and the Hamburger Sternwarte in Germany also held noteworthy international chronometer trials.
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