Tips and techniques for taking the best possible pictures of your timepieces.


New postby Peter S. Balkan » Thu Jan 31, 2008 6:19 am

I'm sorry I'm a bit slow checking-in. I'm using dial-up all week and it's sometimes difficult to navigate with slow speed.

As you have probably noticed, we have a new Forum for Holological Photography. Larry Soucheck and I are doing the hosting honors... although, unfortunately we can't equally share the skill! :x

I think, right behind the satisfaction of repairing a watch is taking a terrific photo of a watch. If I went broke tomorrow and had to sell my collection, I think I would be satisfied with just being able to look at Larry's photos.

Personally, I've taken my current set-up about as far as it will go. I just bought a new camera. A 8mp, Canon EOS. Canon has brought out an almost identical camera in 10mp, so there are "deals" on the older ones. I bought a body-only, since I have some lenses with my old 35mm Rebel. I thought I could improve my photos, "on the cheap." No dice. In fact, my new photos were nowhere near as good as my Fujifilm slr-type (not a real slr). I talked to Larry and he told me, for starters, that I had not thrown nearly enough money at my new camera, to make it decide to work properly.

Seriously, Larry recommended a dedicated Macro lens and said that nothing short of one, and of good quality, will produce the best photos. So... I am screwing up my courage and hope to have the kind of equipment that can move me up a notch.

As has proved true almost everywhere, on this new board.... we have such a wealth of talent assembled, that it is a pleasure and rare opportunity to learn from the best. I hope we can attract both students and teachers along the way!

And... to our clock-collecting breathen... welcome as well! This is "Horological Photography" and I'd love to see great clock photos and learn the secrets of doing that as well.
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Re: Welcome!

New postby Larry Soucheck » Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:14 pm

You know, I've seen wonderful results with point and shoot cameras. Many have mastered these for watch photography. My problem is I'm not talented enough to access all the controls I want thru the vast menu system these tend to have. With my aging eyes, I can't get comfortable with the lcd screens either. This is why I have a dslr. A nice viewfinder and every control placed on the camera body itself in logical locations. Like old film cameras.

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