Vibrograf Cards

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Vibrograf Cards

New postby Stephan » Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:07 am

Amongst the paperwork that I got with my Vibrograf were a few of these.
The top one is closed and the bottom one is opened.
Inside is a sort of wheel with slots in it. ( the blue bit )
You put the Vibrograf trace through the specified slots and it lays under the wheel.
You line up the slots with the trace by rotating the wheel and the pointer at the top tells you how good your watch is.

The blerb reads - ( in 5 different languages )

" This trace shows the accuracy of
your watch. It has been recorded by
the high precision electronically
controlled Vibrograf instrument".

I wonder what they charged for this amazing new service.
Cards are printed in Switzerland. Bet they wern't cheap either.

vibrograf 003.jpg
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