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Shop made movement holder

New postby mars-red » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:57 pm

I recently got to spend some time with family down south, some of which was quality time with my father and brother in Dad's shop. Seemed like a great opportunity to knock out a small project so I dug out some design work I had done previously for a watch movement holder and set about making it from the finest scrapbinium in the shop. :)

Most of the movements I work on are larger pocket watch movements, and I also have some larger movements such as car clocks, desk/travel clocks, etc, and I wanted my holder to handle those very large movements as well. I also wanted something very robust and smooth, with some decent heft to it. It's effectively a scaled up version of those plastic watch case holders that are sometimes sold as movement holders, and that I have used as movement holders in the past. The big difference, other than size and fit & finish, is the design of the jaws. These jaws are made specifically for holding movement plates, and new jaws can and will be made if/when necessary. I will likely make a larger diameter set than shown here, that will be more convenient for smaller movements, and I may make a plastic set for any occasions I'm worried about marring the movement.

All parts, except the spring, were made on my father's South Bend lathe and Rockwell milling machine. The screw is made from a single piece of 416 stainless steel (single-point threaded 1/4"-28), the dowel pins are O1 drill rod (not heat treated at all, simply used because it provided a good ground surface of consistent diameter), the jaws shown here are made from aluminum, and the side plates are also made from aluminum.

If this prototype proves to be satisfactory, I might make a few more but using materials specifically chosen rather than whatever happened to be on hand. I'm really looking forward to using this, it's already a lot of fun just to fiddle with.



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Re: Shop made movement holder

New postby perby » Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:29 pm

Pretty impressive, looks good and functional, great job.
Bill Manders
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Re: Shop made movement holder

New postby Marty101 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:54 am

I have a few cheap plastic ones out of necessity, but quality wins every time. You always deliver that,Max. :D
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