New Seth Thomas Sonora Chime

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New Seth Thomas Sonora Chime

New postby brownsrplm » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:54 am

I just picked up this Seth Thomas Sonora chime clock as a project. I have a five bell Bee hive that I have been looking for the right movement for some time. I lucked out and this one has what I need for it. In fact, if I swap out sets, both clocks will be correct. This one has a very nice dial and with a proper cleaning, the movement will look nice also. It is a shame that a couple of the corners on this case have some damage to the admantine, but otherwise it still shows well. I picked this one up for an insanely low price for what it is and when finished will have two working examples of Sonora Chime clocks. I'm certainly not going to cry over that!!

Seth Thomas #2 Admantine.JPG

Seth Thomas #2 Admantine 2.JPG

Seth Thomas #2 Admantine 3.JPG
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