Grandfather clock suspension spring help

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Grandfather clock suspension spring help

New postby cannon pinion » Sun Sep 28, 2014 5:41 pm

I am working on my first grandfather clock,also the first weight driven movement I have encountered.
The clock ran well,until it was moved from one house to another and then it stopped running.
Initial observation showed the pendulum swinging at an acute angle and I at once suspected the suspension spring.
With the pendulum and suspension off, the escapement ticks over nicely, suggesting that the movement is OK.
The suspension set up is unlike others I have seen - I dont see any suspension spring per se, just a long crutch piece and some weird gizmo with an adjustable pin that can be rotated to different positions. This pin sits in a hole in the crutch and apparently gives it the impulse- see photos.
The long crutch piece was bent out of flat, with one end held down on a piece of glass, the other was up enough to show a gap. I carefully bent this back into flat.
There is another issue about which I am curious: The clock movement mounts on a wooden board which slides in grooves in the cabinet. The mounting hardware sits in elongated grooves. I wondered if during the move the movement shifted at an angle to the cabinet, and if this could be responsible for the pendulum swinging out of true.
The movement is in good shape but very dirty, full of dust and sticky oil. The owner is ambivalent about a complete overhaul, so a cleaning with it assembled may be all I get to do.
Any advice from your collective experience with this type of movement would be appreciated.I would especially like to know the function of the adjustable pin.
This clock has clearly been neglected, it is missing hangers on two weights which were tied to the chains with picture wire. The chimes stopped working some years back. I'd like to bring it back to par, as it has a nice, working mans sort of look to it.
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Re: Grandfather clock suspension spring help

New postby brownsrplm » Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:16 pm

The adjustable pin is for regulating swing on the clock. This is done because not all floors sit level and over time can be off enough to keep the clock from running, thus the ability to adjust the swing for the arbor, which this part does.

I might add, it's a bit unusual to find this part on the lower end of the leader, but there's always something different with these older clocks. Do you know the maker?

Also, most grandfather clocks (and Vienna regulator's) are mounted so they can slide in and out. This is for ease of maintenance and proper distance from the striking board or rods/gong.
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