Zenith switchboard timer

Zenith switchboard timer

New postby omegamad » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:46 pm

Picked this up in a second hand shop the other day ($6) Zenith used for timing calls on an old manual switchboard for billing in a hotel etc. It measures up to 12mins and it started by moving the lever to the right. Moving it left stops the timer and left again resets to zero and winds the mainspring. The 2 screws were connected by wire to a indicator light circuit.

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Re: Zenith switchboard timer

New postby veritas » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:22 pm

I like it. Its a well built movement as well.
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Re: Zenith switchboard timer

New postby richiec » Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:19 am

So the switchboard operator could time your calls while she listened in, ain't that something. What happened if you went over 12 minutes, did the operator check a piece of paper or a card and start the clock all over?
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Re: Zenith switchboard timer

New postby RoddyJB » Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:36 pm

That is one neat piece of historical horology! :)
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