Clockwork electrical timer

Clockwork electrical timer

New postby Wazza » Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:57 am

I picked this item up very cheaply the other day on EBay Australia. I have not seen one of these before but I am guessing they were very common before the advent of electrical mechanisms to switch things on and off. John Moane tells me similar items were used to control Bank Vaults in that the vault could not be opened outside set hours, even with the combination.

The pictures tell the story. It winds beautifully from the centre spigot and ticks away merrily but does stop on occasions. I guess it could do with a good service, which it will get when it reaches the top of the intray.

I would say it has not seen heavy service by the condition of the box and catch and the electrical "points" are in great condition. It sets easily and the on/off works fine on manual rotation. The timer unit slips in and out easily, locating in the box fittings with the split spigots.

There is not a makers name evident, but the numbers stamped are obvious - Number 3465 and in a different font, the number 28 beneath it.

There is one spring loaded lever that I don't know the use of as yet and I have marked this on one photo. It will become obvious when I strip the item but in the meantime if anybody knows what it is for and indeed what the timer would have operated, I would be interested to hear from you.

I think it would only switch 12 volts (perhaps 24 V) judging by the points, so a relay would have to be used to switch 240 V mains current ?

Cheers, WazzaPoints obviously Open

The case is cedar I think and measures 15 cm x 13 cm and is 10 cm deep. Exit holes for wiring can be seen in the base, finished with Bakelite or gutta percha insulating ferrules.

The item as purchased.
The timer. Points obviously Open
closer view. Points obviously Open again
Box mounting points
Regulator and serial number evident to the Right
The mystery spring loaded lever
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Re: Clockwork electrical timer

New postby Stephan » Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:17 am

Could also have been used to operate a hot water service.
One of those storage ones that heated up during the night on cheap OFF PEAK power.
They even had room heaters that worked that way.
They were filled with massive cast iron blocks that stored the heat till required.
I helped remove one once and boy was it heavy.
The scrap guys loved them.
Does the mystery lever allow you to bypass the timer and work the switch. ?
Perhaps it was to get you out of trouble if you ran out of hot water or heat.
Learning all the time.
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