Simplex Time Recorder Company Model 1

Simplex Time Recorder Company Model 1

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Simplex Time Recorder Company Model 1 (On loan courtesy of the Simplex Time Recorder Company, Gardner MA.)

This is the first model sold by Simplex patented in October 1894. It was manufctured and sold between 1905 and 1917. The clock movement was made by Seth Thomas and encased in oak.

The first recording clocks had a key or button for each worker. The arriving and departing worker pushed the button or flipped the key with his or her number on it. This movement punched a hole in a piece of paper wrapped around a rubber drum. This kind of recorder was also called a "sheet recorder" to distinguish it from a " Card recorder", which indicated times of arrival and departure on cards. The clock mechanism made the drum turn and so the hole punched in the paper indicated when the worker "punched in". Key clocks had keys for as many as 100 workers.

This Simplex Time Recorder is on display at The Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, Waltham Mass.

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