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Re: NAWCC Poll?

New postby Bill Kapp » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:19 am

Glyn wrote:
"the GH message board continues to appeal to NAWCC members and non-members alike. It's friendly and free and significantly different from the NAWCC message board in policy and management. And that's how some folks like it. Everyone who wants to contribute to our on-line community is welcome here, whether they are members of other horological associations or not."

Mega Kudo's Glyn. There are functions that the Green board does not address and given the division of talents between venues, your board fills an essential void. I am sure we are all greatful for your efforts and appreciate your expenditure of time and resources. I for one, am always looking for new information and am happy to have as many resources available as possible to learn and to share.

happy hunting,
Bill Kapp
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