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The long history of Zenith Watches dates back to 1869, under the guidance of Georges Favre-Jacot. At the time he was nothing more than a 22 year-old visionary who had ideas and made them real. He invented truly the first watch making manufacturer at this time and changed the watch industry forever. The way he compiled the company and workers was like nothing done before.

He gathered some of the top watch makers all under one roof to build perfection, known as Zenith. By bringing them under the same roof, it allowed the watch makers to focus primarily on designing and building their timepieces. In doing so, some of the top watches around were created rather quickly all under the same roof.

The history of the manufacturers name comes from an evening when Favre-Jacot was building an almost perfect timepiece. As he went outside for a break, he focused his attention on the beautiful sky full of stars. In particular, he paid attention to a gigantic constellation that was turning around the Polar star. This constellation has a direct resemblance to that of the movements of the pivots and the wheels on their axes.

It was on this evening that he decided to call the new movement and manufacturer Zenith. The reasoning behind this is that Zenith means the highest point in the universe, much like that constellation he saw. From this point on, he viewed this as his guidance toward success.

The company flourished rather quickly, as it consisted of over 1,000 employees by 1875 and the company was creating pocket watches, pendulum clocks and counter instruments. A milestone was reached in 1922 as the company produced its two millionth timepiece and production was in full flow.

The turn of the century saw Zenith reinvent itself and modernize its timepieces. In 2002 at the Basel watch fair, Zenith launched 4 new movements and 14 new models that represented an overwhelming 52 new variations. There have been several innovations made by Zenith in the 2000's and many new models have been launched. Currently, Zenith has been launching a collection of sport-chic watches entitled DEFY, and are further progressing the modernity of their timepieces.
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