1824 Charles Oudin (Paris) Chatelaine Pocket Watch

1824 Charles Oudin (Paris) Chatelaine Pocket Watch

New postby John Moane » Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:14 pm

Charles Oudin was one of Breguet's many famous students and become a very close friend to him. He managed Breguet's watch company while Breguet was in England and then started his own company. Here is an example of his genius!!! I acquired this watch years ago and it is in near mint condition. The case is made of some form of synthetic or bone material. The outer numerals are of porcelain and the movement is a 10 jewel cylinder also signed Chr Oudin . It was made for women to wear on their waist bands, which is called a chatelaine. Hope you like it. John
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