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Equity/ Waltham not alot of information out there.
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Re: Equity

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Here's some additional info on Equity/Waltham watches:

Equity was produced in the following models: 1908 (size 16.5), 1894 (size 12), something called GIANT (size 16.5), 1900 (size 3/0) 1907 (size 3/0), 1908 (size 16) and a 1898 (size 6/0). Most all were 7 jewels with a few 15 and fewer 17 jeweled models made.

It is also important to note that these watches were made as a lesser grade watch by Waltham (like the Home Watch Company grade watches). The "Equity" trademark was filed in 1911 and Waltham continued to offer them at least through 1917.
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