Horological Auctions (watches, clocks, parts, accessories, etc.)

GH Members can run their own auctions of horological items here or participate in some public auctions using Global Horology as a proxy. Please read the forum rules.

Forum rules
If you want to run your own auction here you must be at least 18 years of age and be a GH Member to participate in this forum. Registered users need to have their address verified by the message board management before they can be ranked as GH Members .

There are four basic rules for running your own auction:
1) Auction presentations must fully disclose the condition and known provenance of the items being sold, including any information that might influence a potential buyer. Selling an item "as is" will indicate that the item is not running reliably and should be considered as needing work or to be used for parts only.
2) You are responsible for running your own auctions, so you must be available to mind the auction and to post notice when the auction ends.
3) You may decide to cancel an auction before the original stated end-time or extend it, but you should make this clear by posting that on the auction topic when it starts.
4) When the auction has finished, you should post notice of its completion and the name of the winner.

A completed auction is a contract. Any disputes should be referred to the message board management, whose decision will be final.
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